2 February 2016

Hint.CSS 2.0 link

A pure CSS tooltip library for your lovely websites.

100% CSS, tanpa JavaScript.

1 February 2016

Write Faster link

Writing only requires words, a bit of punctuation, and perhaps some paragraph breaks to organize thoughts. Headings, italicized text, images, fancy quotes, footnotes, bullet points and more are just decoration.

Markdown fixes that, with simple formatting that looks the same everywhere. Here’s how to use the world’s most popular text formatting language—and some great apps to help you craft and decorate your next great novel.

Kadang-kadang saya guna juga Markdown, bila nak pos artikel melalui Jekyll. Textpattern? Bukan Markdown, tapi Textile. Lebih kurang sama tapi tak serupa.

Tapi saya lebih suka Textile.

14 September 2015

Bye-bye Blackboard link

Blackboards were wiped after use: they were meant for immediate communication, not for record. Even as they were being used, their messages were continuously revised, erased and renewed. But when Einstein came to Oxford in 1931, he was already an international celebrity. After one of his lectures a blackboard was preserved and has become a kind of relic. It is the most famous object in this Museum.

Dah dekat 6 tahun saya tak menulis di papan hitam dengan menggunakan kapur. Mungkin di sekolah lain masih ada digunakan.

13 September 2015

19 Git Tips link

I’ve been using git full time for the past 4 years, and I wanted to share the most practical tips that I’ve learned along the way. Hopefully, it will be useful to somebody out there. — Alex Kras

Bolehlah saya masukkan nanti dalam Codex.

12 September 2015

Probability Cheatsheet link

This is an 10-page probability cheatsheet compiled from Harvard’s Introduction to Probability course, taught by Joe Blitzstein (@stat110). The cheatsheet summarizes important probability probability concepts, formulas, and distributions, with figures, examples, and stories.

Saya suka dengan idea cheatsheet. Dulu semasa di sekolah, saya dan rakan-rakan akan membuat nota ringkas atau digelar toyol untuk dihadam/dibaca sebelum mengambil peperiksaan. Mungkin saya perlu mencuba idea ini untuk menghasilkan cheatsheet kepada pelajar saya di sekolah.

11 September 2015

Informative YouTube Channel list link

Time is finite. Social media and Netflix can all too easily swallow our precious hours. So why not put them to better use on YouTube? Beyond the music, virals and gaming videos, YouTube has many great channels that can teach anyone practically anything.

Banyak masa saya dihabiskan di YouTube. Selalunya saya suka tengok video orang memancing. Saya akan tambah lagi beberapa channel yang ada dalam senarai di atas yang saya rasakan menarik.

Amazon Web Services in Plain English link

Hey, have you heard of the new AWS services: ContainerCache, ElastiCast and QR72? Of course not, I just made those up.

But with 50 plus opaquely named services, we decided that enough was enough and that some plain english descriptions were needed.

Mudah sikit nak faham.

10 September 2015

List of video game emulator link

This is a selected list of video game system emulators. For information about emulating specific systems, including those not covered by the emulators in this list, see the respective article for each system.

Selamat berhibur!

9 September 2015

Flexbox in 5 minutes link

An interactive tour of all the major features of the new CSS property: flexbox.

Cara interaktif untuk belajar tentang flexbox.

7 September 2015

All websites look the same link

I guess the first question is why, why has one style swept across the web design world and been implemented across so many websites? I’ve thought and thought about this and never really come up with a single answer. Initially I looked at the huge theme market that exists where creators sell their themes to any number of customers. The theme market is massive, and as a result creators mimic the best selling work in an effort to make more money. You’re not going to make a lot of money in the theme market by going out on a limb and creating something incredibly unique and personalised. Generic wins out every time.

At times I think back to when websites were produced in Flash. For all its downfalls (and there were a lot) one thing was always true. Flash sites rarely looked the same.


Grab-site link

grab-site is an easy preconfigured web crawler designed for backing up websites. Give grab-site a URL and it will recursively crawl the site and write WARC files. Internally, grab-site uses wpull for crawling.

Mungkin berguna bagi saya pada suatu hari nanti. Malangnya, kena install dahulu di local machine, dan tiada versi untuk MS Windows.

6 September 2015

Tips melajukan Router Wi-Fi Streamyx link

Tahukah anda, default setting pada router TM boleh menyebabkan ‘bottleneck’ yang mengakibatkan kelajuan sambungan Wi-Fi menjadi lebih perlahan daripada sepatutnya. Contohnya, walaupun melanggan streamyx 8Mbps, anda masih mengalami lag ketika bermain games atau buffering yang lama ketika streaming video.

Tips mudah ini membantu anda lajukan wifi dari router asal yang dibekalkan oleh TM untuk mengurangkan lag atau buffering ketika streaming.

Terima kasih JomPHP!

Iosevka link

Iosevka is a monospace coding typeface inspired by Pragmata Pro, M+ and PF DIN Mono. It is designed to have a narrow shape to be space efficient and compatible to CJK characters.

Muka taip ini nampak kemas pada pandangan mata saya. Sesuai untuk digunakan pada paparan syntax atau body text.