4 April 2013

Improving UX for Performance link

Adding half a second to a search results page can decrease traffic and ad revenues by 20 percent, according to a Google study. The same article reports Amazon found that every additional 100 milliseconds of load time decreased sales by 1 percent. Users expect pages to load in two seconds—and after three seconds, up to 40 percent will simply leave.

Interesting article from A List Apart on web performance. Thank you Lara Swanson for writing this.

— Mohd Huzairy

15 March 2013

Say No to No UI link

We must abandon invisibility as a goal for interfaces; it’s misleading, unhelpful and ultimately dishonest. It unleashes so much potential for unusable, harmful and frustrating interfaces, and systems that gradually erode users and designers agency. Invisibility might seem an attractive concept at first glance, but it ignores the real, thorny, difficult issues of designing and using complex interfaces and systems.

A response to ‘great design is invisible’ culture. Worth a read.

— Mohd Huzairy

Dave Winer's Linkblog link

So much interesting links. Powered by his own RSS linkblog engine called, Radio2.

— Mohd Huzairy

14 March 2013

Live now link

We avoid accepting praise because we fear we will start to believe it and cease to improve. We avoid creating a home because we fear it will make us too content to move, to lay our head on the rolled up sweater of the next opportunity. We avoid taking a job because we fear we will get addicted to the money and never start a company.

As the writer states, “Don’t forget to live”.

— Mohd Huzairy

Qualities of Successful People link

They are on time. On time for work, on time for meetings, on time for the train. They hate wasting their own time, and as a byproduct, anyone else’s.

A great piece of words from Greg Hoy, the CEO of HappyCog Studio.

— Mohd Huzairy

13 March 2013

Lessons Learned From Top Curating Sites link

While the Huffington Post works hard to keep people on the site, the Drudge Report sends them away as quickly as it can. In both cases, people keep coming back. While they are operating on different scales – HuffPo as a multi-million dollar subsidiary of AOL and The Drudge Report as a one-man, home-based operation – both have been able to turn news aggregation and curation into a basis for income and long-term, sustainable businesses.

If you interested in content curation, you might want to read the article.

— Mohd Huzairy

It Would Be Great if Millionaires Would Not Lecture Us on ‘Living With Less’ link

A millionaire does not have the standing to tell regular people that money is overrated. Graham Hill moved into a smaller apartment and sold some of his stuff. But he sure as fuck didn’t empty his bank accounts. It’s easy not to have material things when you can just buy whatever you need, whenever you need it. “ My space is small. My life is big,” writes Hill. Of course it is! You can buy anything and go anywhere at any time, thanks to your vast wealth! The fact that a millionaire’s “life is big” offers little valuable wisdom to the common person. The presumptuousness is akin to a fat food critic walking out of a restaurant after a huge meal and telling a starving beggar on the curb, “Trust me—you don’t want to eat at this place.”


— Mohd Huzairy

12 March 2013

Money and Happiness link

“So what do we do? We go after the money. We chase it like there’s no tomorrow. And as we do that, we lose time that we could spend having a leisurely dinner or taking a long walk with the love of our life; we lose time we could spend hitting the StairMaster or making a sandwich rather than driving through a fast-food joint for a grease-fest; we lose time we could spend taking classes that might lead us to a career we’d truly enjoy.”

Nicely written. Having more money is nice, but having time to spend with our loved ones is priceless.

— Mohd Huzairy

OneTab link

Whenever you find yourself with too many tabs, click the OneTab icon to convert all of your tabs into a list. When you need to access the tabs again, you can either restore them individually or all at once.

When your tabs are in the OneTab list, you will save up to 95% of memory because you will have reduced the number of tabs open in Google Chrome.

Highly recommended, if you’re on Chrome like me.

— Mohd Huzairy

7 March 2013

Stop Begging Investors link

Invest your time in the right actions. When you build a great product investors will contact you, so get to work and stop begging for money. “I can’t start, because I don’t have funding” is the lamest excuse not to change your life ever.

Right on!

— Mohd Huzairy

6 March 2013

How to get rich without making more money link

We’ve all heard stories of tycoons who couldn’t be happy, or lottery winners that end up ruined a few years later, wishing it had never happened. I can understand the possibility that having amounts of money that seem copious to you and me might bring certain problems we’re ignorant about. But I still always find myself thinking that these people must be particularly foolish or naive not to be able to make millions of dollars work for them.

Clearly, we need to develop the ‘enough’ mindset.

— Mohd Huzairy

28 February 2013

On Building High Performance Website

I’m hooked with this. I thought that just by writing good CSS, placing Javascript at the bottom of the page, and using PNG images, will make the websites faster. Turns out, we can do a lot more. Thankfully, my online friend, Adi from Hardyw3b, shared his reports on this topic.

From the perspective of web developer, this kind of thing will help us deal with high-traffic and heavy content websites. Everyone like it fast, right? But, how fast is fast?

Let’s find out.

— Mohd Huzairy

24 February 2013

Medium link

Sharing ideas and experiences moves humanity forward.

New place to read good article!

— Mohd Huzairy

22 February 2013

The Truth about a Failing Startup link

If I can leave with one piece of advice to young founders. Please think really hard about taking other peoples money. If I had failed using my own money, I could live with it. But having a team of investors believe in you, only to let them down is an incredibly difficult thing to deal with. Try and finance your product yourself for as long as you can. At least until you can realise if your idea is decent (which takes a long time to figure out).

Great advice.

— Mohd Huzairy