27 September 2016

Quick Links

Selepas ini, saya akan kemaskini pos yang mempunyai pautan-pautan yang saya jumpa sepanjang minggu. Saya lebih suka sebenarnya pos satu pautan untuk satu entri, malangnya setiap kali saya nak guna custom field untuk URL pada textpattern(enjin blog infomalaya), akan ada error yang saya sendiri tak tahu punca dari mana. Jadi mahu tak mahu terpaksalah saya cuba cara lain.

Why are you doing what you are doing?

But the worst thing in life would be a death-bed regret that you’ve spent your life pursuing what someone said you should want, instead of what you really want.

But whatever you decide, you need to optimize for that, and be willing to let go of the others.

You can’t diffuse your energy, trying to do a little bit of everything, or you’ll always be in conflict with yourself.

Sisipan artikel di atas yang ditulis oleh Derek Sivers adalah jawapan utama kenapa saya sudah tidak lagi mengemaskini infomalaya. Saya kini sedang sibuk dengan dunia hanyir saya iaitu memancing. Hobi ini bagi saya, adalah satu perkara yang membuatkan saya gembira dan tenang. Walaupun kadangkala tertekan bila tidak mendapat sebarang hasil(ikan), setiap kali saya turun memancing, akan ada perkara baru yang saya akan belajar dan praktikkan.

Saya terpaksa memberikan fokus kepada hobi ini(buat masa ini) kerana saya percaya kepuasan hanya akan dapat dicapai apabila kita membuat/memberikan hasil yang terbaik. Untuk mencapai tahap itu, banyak masa dan tenaga diperlukan, dan saya itulah sebabnya kenapa saya ‘membuang’ minat/keinginan saya terhadap perkara lain seperti bersukan, programming, dan minat yang lain.

Oleh sebab itulah timbulnya konflik dalam diri saya sendiri yang berasa bersalah kerana membiarkan infomalaya sepi tanpa sebarang kemaskini. Perasaan bersalah inilah yang membuatkan saya segan dan takut untuk menulis semula. Saya bimbang saya akan kembali mengabaikan apa yang saya ingin mulakan semula, yang mana perkara ini sudah banyak kali berlaku. Saya sedar perkara ini cuma saya tidak cukup berani untuk melawan konflik dalaman saya yang sebenarnya bukanlah teruk sangat.

Realitinya, saya cuma perlukan masa kurang dari 30 minit sehari untuk menulis di infomalaya selepas ni. Masa yang cukup singkat, tetapi cukup banyak sekiranya digunakan dengan betul.

5 February 2016

Case Study Club link

Case Study Club is a collection of inspiring case studies from awesome designers and makers.

Salah satu cara terbaik untuk belajar ialah melalui case study.

4 February 2016

Web Fundamentals link

WebFundamentals is a comprehensive resource for web development best practices, designed to help you add the right features and experiences to your web project. If you’re new to web development or just looking to make your project better, we’ve got you covered.

Dari sudut pandangan Google.

Flexbox Froggy link

Welcome to Flexbox Froggy, a game where you help Froggy and friends by writing CSS code!

Hai Froggy.

3 February 2016

Vim Tutorial link

Another reason I like to use Vim is because it’s much more healthy than Emacs (using the default-keymappings). Healthy? Many commands are easily typed with a single keystroke – the virtue of a modal editor, instead of long command-chains with lots of modifier keys. Even if you have a natural keyboard, pressing Ctrl, Alt etc is certainly not natural at all.

Just remember: Vim’s basics are really very simple, but in combination the simple commands become very powerful.

Nota: Vim = Vim IMproved

2 February 2016

BEMIT Naming Convention link

Giving this site a spring clean has been in my sights for some time. It’s only when I take a look at the HTML and CSS (not Sass yet—that’s pencilled in for later in the year) that I realise how difficult it is to org­anise and maintain, even on a small, one-person website like this. For example, there’s a class that I simply called structure. Structure of what? I obviously wasn’t feeling generous towards future-me on the day I came up with that. It’s going to take some digging to figure out what it’s for.

Konsep / Idea penamaan classes secara lebih spesifik. Sesuai untuk projek berskala besar.

Hint.CSS 2.0 link

A pure CSS tooltip library for your lovely websites.

100% CSS, tanpa JavaScript.

1 February 2016

Write Faster link

Writing only requires words, a bit of punctuation, and perhaps some paragraph breaks to organize thoughts. Headings, italicized text, images, fancy quotes, footnotes, bullet points and more are just decoration.

Markdown fixes that, with simple formatting that looks the same everywhere. Here’s how to use the world’s most popular text formatting language—and some great apps to help you craft and decorate your next great novel.

Kadang-kadang saya guna juga Markdown, bila nak pos artikel melalui Jekyll. Textpattern? Bukan Markdown, tapi Textile. Lebih kurang sama tapi tak serupa.

Tapi saya lebih suka Textile.

14 September 2015

Bye-bye Blackboard link

Blackboards were wiped after use: they were meant for immediate communication, not for record. Even as they were being used, their messages were continuously revised, erased and renewed. But when Einstein came to Oxford in 1931, he was already an international celebrity. After one of his lectures a blackboard was preserved and has become a kind of relic. It is the most famous object in this Museum.

Dah dekat 6 tahun saya tak menulis di papan hitam dengan menggunakan kapur. Mungkin di sekolah lain masih ada digunakan.

13 September 2015

19 Git Tips link

I’ve been using git full time for the past 4 years, and I wanted to share the most practical tips that I’ve learned along the way. Hopefully, it will be useful to somebody out there. — Alex Kras

Bolehlah saya masukkan nanti dalam Codex.

12 September 2015

Probability Cheatsheet link

This is an 10-page probability cheatsheet compiled from Harvard’s Introduction to Probability course, taught by Joe Blitzstein (@stat110). The cheatsheet summarizes important probability probability concepts, formulas, and distributions, with figures, examples, and stories.

Saya suka dengan idea cheatsheet. Dulu semasa di sekolah, saya dan rakan-rakan akan membuat nota ringkas atau digelar toyol untuk dihadam/dibaca sebelum mengambil peperiksaan. Mungkin saya perlu mencuba idea ini untuk menghasilkan cheatsheet kepada pelajar saya di sekolah.

11 September 2015

Informative YouTube Channel list link

Time is finite. Social media and Netflix can all too easily swallow our precious hours. So why not put them to better use on YouTube? Beyond the music, virals and gaming videos, YouTube has many great channels that can teach anyone practically anything.

Banyak masa saya dihabiskan di YouTube. Selalunya saya suka tengok video orang memancing. Saya akan tambah lagi beberapa channel yang ada dalam senarai di atas yang saya rasakan menarik.

Amazon Web Services in Plain English link

Hey, have you heard of the new AWS services: ContainerCache, ElastiCast and QR72? Of course not, I just made those up.

But with 50 plus opaquely named services, we decided that enough was enough and that some plain english descriptions were needed.

Mudah sikit nak faham.

10 September 2015

List of video game emulator link

This is a selected list of video game system emulators. For information about emulating specific systems, including those not covered by the emulators in this list, see the respective article for each system.

Selamat berhibur!