25 May 2015

3 Things (Almost) No One Knows About CSS link

Think you know CSS? If the results of a free CSS test I’ve offered online for the past six months are anything to go on, plenty of practicing developers don’t know CSS as well as they think. Out of over 3,000 people who have taken the test so far, the average score was just 55%.

But hey, an average isn’t that interesting by itself. I was more curious about which questions people were getting wrong. For this article, I’ve run the numbers, and zeroed in on three questions where people scored especially badly. I’ll talk you through each question, show you the answer that most people chose, and explain the correct answer.

Adoi, saya pun salah juga.

23 May 2015

Solved by Flexbox link

CSS has been lacking proper layout mechanisms for far too long. Transitions, animations, filters, all of these are great and useful additions to the language, but they don’t address the major problems that Web developers have been complaining about for what seems like an eternity.

Finally, thanks to Flexbox, we have a solution.


19 May 2015

Silon link

Silon is an experiment demonstrating the power of CSS selectors. Using LESS to generate selectors from declared logical operations, I implemented simple logic gates, as well as half- and full- adders.

100% pure CSS bro.

Command Line Power User link

11 “I had no idea you could do that” videos for web developers looking to improve their command line skills.

They cover a workflow using some of the best modern tools that relate to using command line tools such as git, npm, gulp and so on.

11 video yang menerangkan tentang penggunaan command line interface dan beberapa tools lain seperti ZSH dan sebagainya, untuk membangunkan laman web dan aplikasi. Sekiranya anda tidak gemar untuk berkongsi alamat emel anda dengan mereka, anda boleh layari playlist siri video ini di YouTube. Ya, sama-sama.

8 May 2015

Codex link

Saya sudah selesai menyiapkan projek terbengkalai saya yang diberi nama Codex, a single page Jekyll build. Saya dah guna untuk codex peribadi saya di dan saya rasa anda juga perlu untuk mempunyai satu.

2 May 2015

Talking about Money & Salary link

I was raised to not talk about salary. This was largely for sociocultural reasons in the American Irish-Catholic middle class, where money was seen as a corrupting influence which should be kept from children for as long as possible. This decision is probably the only major point of difference I have with my parents regarding my upbringing — I would have made much, much better decisions early in life if I had any clue what the world looked like.

— Patrick, Kalzumeus Software

Transformy link

Transform your whole list, with just one example.

Digunakan untuk menghasilkan senarai dalam format yang baharu, dengan hanya menggunakan satu contoh sahaja.

15 April 2015

Typefaces of 2014 by Typographica link

All the selections are listed here on this page. There were 58 picks this year (the remaining stragglers will be published in the coming days), and many other notable releases that deserve a mention. Whatever winds blow in the industry at large, this collection proves that the craft is still at a high-water mark and rising.

Cantik betul.

CSS Quantity Queries link

I wouldn’t do that to you, friends. This is your guide to creating style breakpoints for quantities of HTML elements, much as you already do with @media queries for viewport dimensions. I’m not pointing at some blurry specification in the distance or a twinkle in an implementer’s eye. We’re going to do this today, with CSS that’s already available.

Nampaknya, banyak lagi yang saya kena belajar tentang CSS.

14 April 2015

Frontend Guidelines link

Some HTML, CSS, and Javascript guidelines.

Dikumpulkan oleh Benjamin De Cock. Saya akan menambah beberapa perkara yang ada di dalam panduan ini ke dalam Codex saya sendiri.

13 April 2015

GIF Collection link

Laman web yang menghimpunkan gambar menarik dalam format GIF. Disunting oleh Joel Glovier, salah seorang staff di GitHub.

Make this in an hour link

One of my friends has been saying for a couple months that he would make his website over spring break. Now it’s the end of spring break and he hasn’t started. His birthday is tomorrow, and I’ve decided to be an asshole good friend and give the gift of accountability by writing down step-by-step instructions to make it as simple as possible.

It really only takes an hour to make a website. I know because I timed myself doing the following and the whole process took me just under an hour to make this website. (I even did the registering a new domain and creating a new GitHub account for a good measure!) You can view the code for this website on GitHub.

Hanya satu jam sahaja masa yang diperlukan untuk membina sebuah laman web yang lengkap dengan domain + hosting di internet.

How To Use GitHub and the Terminal link

Because some of the people we hire have never used these tools before, this guide assumes you have no prior knowledge of them either. We’re going to introduce you to GitHub, the command line (also called Terminal on OS X), and Markdown through a guided exercise. Today you’ll learn how to make a blog post on the 18F blog.

Panduan lengkap berserta animated GIF tentang penggunaan GitHub dan Terminal.